Beware! Most herbal mehndi is not so herbal

Beware! Most herbal mehndi is not so herbal

Most herbal mehndi products up for sale online & in the retail market are not so herbal. The price at which these are being sold in the market is far below the wholesale cost of pure mehndi powder in the wholesale markets. 

Most of these so called 100% natural mehndi or 100% herbal heena products contain chemicals , powder of wood & mud, Coloring compounds are used to get the desired color results. These chemicals vary from brand tro barand & product to product and hence you must be very careful before using any mehndi cone or a heena cone , Do an allergy test just like you do for various chemical based creames and coloring products to be on a safer side.Heena Mehndi Powder

The real mehndi will not have the same coloring effect like the one with chemicals, Pure mehndi will have a conditioning effect on hairs and will have varied color effect on hands, But the essence of pure mehndi and its health effects are so good that the chemical based products are no where around. Whenever you buy a Heena product next time just remember to check detail ingredients of the product. 

If you wish to buy 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% organic mehndi or Heena powder filtered or unfiltered, without any added chemicals you can browse our products & order the quantity as per your requirement.

You can also order pure dried heena leaves from us which can be powdered and used for the real affects of mehndi.

Heena mehndi powder 

Uses of Pure Mehndi , Use of 100% herbal henna

1.Used for hand tattoo,

2.Used for bridal makeups in muslim women,

3. Henna / mehndi is a natural coolant , it can be used as a home remedy to lower the tempreature & get a soothing cool effect.

4. Henna / Mehndi is a natural conditioner for hair.

The most common use of henna / mehndi is for hair conditioning & skin tattoo.

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