Afshan Khan intiated the "AAN"  a Social Welfare for Indian muslim Women. Aan Fashion an established Fashion Brand in Modest & contemporary Islamic Clothing & Dresses understands its social responsibilty & has taken this social initiative in association of Muslim women and NGOs to be formed to facilitate development initiatives with the mission to empower the women by building their capacities through education, health and skill based development through community participation. Aan Collection's Social Initiative has been established to strategize alliance of Muslim women's organizations and individuals, working for equal opportunities of women in all spheres of life.

Aan Fashion is committed to serve as leading educational information, consultative and training center, an active participant in the international consultative process, and an advocate for gender equality and partnership of the sexes, in compliance with international standards in this field and the Shariah. Muslim women in India are largely marginalized, faceless and voiceless in their own social circle in particular and in the larger Indian social context in general. So Aan Fashion's Social Initiative was launched with a long term project to give exposure and voice to this marginalized section of the Muslim Women community.Apart from this there are many misconceptions and stereotypes to demean Islam with particular reference to women. Aan Fashion's Social Initiative provides a platform for Muslim women to come forward, express their views and work positively for the Ummah strictly within the framework of Islamic Shariah thereby break those stereotypes. Aan Fashion's Social Initiative has adapted all the modern art and crafts like Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Interior Designing, Cooking, Beauty Culture, Computer Skills, Journalism, Photography, Handicrafts, Candle Making and Soft Toys Making, etc. within the parameters of Islamic Shariah and we have imparted empowered Muslim women by teaching them these arts and creating a market for them.

There is a big class of women among the lower classes and poorer section of society which make their living by handicraft, but unfortunately they are not able to get more than 40-50 rupees a day because a big percentage is taken by the exporters. Aan Fashion make these women its working partners and it will make their work directly available to the market without the middle men.We are putting the advertisement of their products on our website and whatever money it will fetch will go directly to the woman concerned.

Aan Fashion is in touch with the youths particularly the Muslim girls because they are increasingly becoming disenchanted from the Islamic way of life because of which they are becoming rebels. Inter-Religion marriage is increasingly becoming a norm for them because they have always been suppressed.They have not been allowed to speak their wishes and views instead only the "do's" and "don'ts" have been enforced upon them without explaining them in the light of Holy Quran. Hence Aan Fashion is striving to Impart both Islamic & Modern education in context to Quran and help them lead a Pious Life. To educate the children about Islam in a globalized world, one needs a new and innovative approach. 

We also have the plan to convene an annual exhibition of Muslim women artists so that they get an exposure and an opportunity to interact with each other.There will be a three days exhibition of handicrafts produced by the women artisans supported by Aan Fashion from different parts of the country from 10 to 12th October' 2013.


You can support our cause by Donating to wards the mission of Empowering Muslim women in India, Add the donation amount with your purchase, Kindly do not include Zakaat, Amount should be towards Imdad.

Allah Khair

Afshan Khan

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